Keep the Keep 


Controls: Mouse and your Mind

The Plot 

Your Keep is under attack, my Lord! 
The treacherous Red Keeper decided that there isn't enough land for us both, and brought over the cannons to prove his point. 
We need to be quick and retaliate, my lord! 
Build up your defences, destroy enemy's weak spots and above all else, keep your Keep alive!

Game Concepts

- This game is a turn-based strategy-puzzle-tower-defence
- Each turn you, the Blue Keeper, may build one tower from our limited supply
- You can only build the towers next to our keep or the towers connected to our Keep via a chain of other friendly towers since peasants are too cowardly to leave the comfy tenets of the towers and risk their life under enemy's fire
- Every tower besides House, Wall and Reactor needs the energy to operate - so make sure that your towers are built next to a friendly Reactor

The Towers

- House - this is where the peasants live, my Lord! We have a nigh limitless supply of those and can use Houses to connect more important Towers, as well as block our opponent's shooting
- Reactor -  this technological wonder powers our towers up and allows them to function, very useful
- Cannon - the classical offensive tower, shoots in a straight line vertically or horizontally and damages the closest tower on that line
- Wall - our first line of defence, this tower can withstand quite some damage until being destroyed
- Bow - this tower is more flexible than the mighty Cannon and can be placed in 8 different directions, but unfortunately, is quite limited in range
- Shield - this ultra-technological protection device is impervious to any damage from its frontal direction when powered up
- Barracks - produces loyal soldiers that will travel forward and eliminate the enemy. Won't create a new knight as long as the old one breathes!

Now, you are ready, my Lord! May your towers stay till the end of time!

Good luck!


Keep The Keep (Build 0.15) 33 MB
Keep The Keep (Build 0.15).zip 36 MB

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