Keep the Keep reaches Steam Early Access!

Hey guys,

We have recently released Keep the Keep to Steam Early Access!

It's our very first Steam release, and we're self-publishing it as well, so tough times all around... Right now, as you may expect, we are seriously looking for:

- Publicity

- Feedback and bug reports

- Hate and love - especially Steam reviews form

- Better graphics and more features

- Advice on the game design

- General support

It's a lot to ask, but we won't be able to get through without you, the players.
From our side, we'd be happy to share our game with you for free and play with you, so you could check out MultiPlayer and see how much potential there really is. 

We humbly invite join our cosy Discord server and we shall give you free keys to check out the game and all the attention and impact you'd never get as a player in AAA titles!

Have a wonderful day!

Get Keep the Keep (LD Demo)

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