Welcome, warlords, to the Tiny Archipelago!

Here people do not have a lot of land to begin with, so every little bit of dirt matters!

A couple of warring factions, conveniently named The Red and The Blue, have raised arms against one another and are trying to conquer each other’s territory!

Do you have what it takes to assess your tactical resources, compose your squads and lead them personally into battle, where the incoming water makes it even harder to find a spot to cross the swords?

Or shall you fall, perhaps, for the challenge is too overwhelming?


This game is a mixture of tactical turn-based strategy, squad manager and a squad-driven battle royale. There are three game modes to consider:

 –  Tactical Map

 –  Squad Management

 –  Battle

Tactical Map

The islands map is a grid split into square cells where your and enemy squads are placed. Every turn you can move all of your squads for a given distance (usually up to 2 cells per turn), or spend a movement point on rearranging the squad (moving the units inside and/or assigning a new squad leader)

 –  Left mouse button to select both player and enemy squads alike, 

 –  When a player squad is selected, highlighted white areas are available to move onto with a left mouse button

 –  When a squad is selected, press view/manage squad button to enter the Squad Management mode

 –  When a squad is moved onto an enemy squad, the battle commences (pay attention to the squad directions and unit placement within the squad

 –  Press End Turn button at the bottom to enable your squads to move again (after the enemy’s turn)

 –  Right mouse button to cancel selection

Squad Management

In Squad Management mode, player can see the full complement of a selected squad as well as the order of the units in it, forming a 5x5 grid.

 –  See the squad direction arrow 

 –  Drag&Drop units from place to place

 –  Click on a unit to get it’s info

 –  Press Set as Leader button to make sure you personally control that unit in battle! (only one unit can be the leader at a time)

 –  Squads that have no action points left and enemy squads can not be managed


In Battle, your goal is to survive and vanquish all enemy units while evading the incoming water (which will hurt you if it reaches your units)

 –  WASD/Arrows to move around

 –  Left arrow button to attack (various unit types use different forms of attack)

 –  Right arrow button to defend (again, different for different unit types)


Windows (LD version) 38 MB
Mac OS (LD version) 35 MB

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