Star Sector

by OWGames (Firellon and Kutase)

Welcome to Star Sector, game about space travelling and endless search of ancient technologies! You're a brave captain trying to find a way to the great Black Hole in this huge galaxy. Travel the space sectors, fight restless foes, land to the planet's surface to unveil it's treasures! Find ancient technology and install them into your ship to become powerful enough to defeat the mightiest foes!

Your ship will follow your mouse, your landing module will do the same thing.

Your weapons will automatically fire at your enemies on sight

Mouse left button is very useful both for dragging/dropping ship modules and landing/evacuating your lander module


- It's highly recommended to install modules from your inventory(store) to your ship on the nearest planet to make sure you're able to fire back at your enemies

- Sometimes it's much easier to find a planet without much aggression than to take casualties during landing

-Use "edit" button in the shop screen to remove unwanted modules from your ship

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