The Story

Welcome to the Blimpy Kingdom!

Little Karl the Limper always wanted to know what’s up there high in the sky…

Today, he’s finally got the means to get there - a new shiny blimp that he has no idea how to pilot!

Here’s the catch - YOU do. Or, at least you said so. Are you worthy?

Anyway, good luck piloting the balloon, and have fun!


Click - That’s all that you’re gonna need.

Click to get the blimp up

Click to avoid the obstacles (yeah, the sky has plenty of those)

Click to pick things up and buy stuff

Click to restart the game, too

Pro Tip: It’s not a very good idea to mix the air balloon with the spikes. Try some green fuel barrels instead, should do better.

How is that connected to the theme?

It’s needless to say that the fuel is life in this world. 

No fuel = no flight.

Guess what? The fuel is also the currency!

Check out those little air shops that offer you protection in exchange for some fuel.

Thus, you have a hard choice - either you have to risk your life with spikes or your fuel tank with draught...

Creators team:

Firellon - Graphics, Programming, Design

Kutase - Programming, Design

Special thanks to:

Nihilore - Music (

Bfxr - Sounds

Update: we have released Android version to Google Play Store! Check it out here:


KickyBlimp_0.1 Win (LD Version) 26 MB
KickyBlimp_0.1 Mac (LD Version) 42 MB

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