Never-ending Spacemare

by OWGames

Made for Ludum Dare 37

You are that little human in a one-room spaceship, and your goal is to find all Beacons of the ancient race that vanished eons ago. By the power of constructor, everything you need in the travel is encapsulated in that very room you are in.
You will control your spaceship, speak with aliens, obtain the ancient tech... and mostly observe the infinite void of endless space in our game. Yes, you shall never reach the end of randomly generated galaxy :) So the spacemare will never end... unless you finally find all the Beacons and....

Arrows / WASD - character and ship movement
E / Space / Enter sometimes - actions and
Q - autofire in flight mode

Made using Phaser.js, Photoshop and Bfxr

Programming by Kutase and Firellon
Art by Firellon

Music from Jukedeck - create your own at