A downloadable tower-defense-racing for Windows and macOS

Combination of Tower Defense / Racing

You are Train the Trainy and you want to get to the finish first. 
Problem is that other Trainees are faster than you. 
The only way to negate this is to build towers on the way, so they'd have to spend their time evading shots. 
Sounds like a plan, huh?
Well, your towers do not really differentiate between trains, so if you come close...
See for yourself!

Use Arrow keys and Space to win!

Made for Ludum Dare 41 by Nebulate.me team:

Firellon, Kutase and React.

Update 25.04: due to player's requests, fixed suddenly found balance bug that allowed you to win by pressing forward all the way. From now on you're not gonna be able to win without using towers anymore.


LokoRush Balance Update for Mac 39 MB
LokoRush Balance Update for Windows 36 MB
LokoRush for Mac (Ludum Dare version) 39 MB
LokoRush for Windows (Ludum Dare version) 36 MB

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